Spiritual Ecumenism : The Vision of Paul Couturier for the Unity of Christians

English Convent, Brugge-Bruges, Belgium 27 - 29 June 2003

International Ecumenical Conference - Programme
supported by the Society for Ecumenical Studies - Catholic League - International Ecumenical Fellowship

The Cathedral of the Holy Saviour, Brugge, resting place of Bishop De Smedt, leading light at Vatican II

Friday 27 June

4-30 pm

5-00 pm
Welcome to Participants

by Fr Mark Woodruff, co-ordinator of Couturier Links of Ecumenical Friendship 2003, Secretary of the Society for Ecumenical Studies

Opening of the Conference
Professor Adelbert Denaux, President of the International Ecumenical Fellowship

The Life and Vision of Paul Couturier
An introduction from Sister Teresa Burke, Secretary of the Christian Unity Commission, Archdiocese of Birmingham

6-15 pm
with the Augustinian Canonesses of Nazareth, the English Convent

6-45 pm

8-00 pm
The Ecumenical Vocation of the Monastery of Nazareth

Sister Marie Aline of the English Convent explains its history as a place of hope for unity and its work for reconciliation

Paul Couturier's Spirituality and Lambert Beauduin's Monks of Unity
Address and Discussion led by Père Thaddée Barnas, of the Abbey of Chevetogne and editor of Irénikon

Saturday 28 June

7-15 am
Morning Prayer

7-45 am
Community Mass (Roman Catholic)

8-30 am

9-30 am
Christ in the Hymns of Charles Wesley : A Spirituality for the Unity of Christians
Address and Discussion led by Fr Francis Frost, of the Foyer Sacerdotal Jean Paul II at Ars-sur-Formans

10-45 am
Couturier and Shrewsbury, Methodism's Ecumenical Pioneer

A paper from David Carter, Methodist-RC and Methodist-Orthodox International Commissions

11-45 am
Ecumenical Service from the Communauté du Chemin Neuf
(click here to see the Order of Service)

12-30 pm

2-00 pm
Ecumenism: Critical Questions for Anglicans and Roman Catholics

Address and Discussion led by Professor Adelbert Denaux, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and International President of the IEF

Couturier, Spiritual Emulation and the Chemin Neuf Community
Address and Discussion led by Sister Muriel d'Hoffschmidt, of the Communauté du Chemin Neuf at La Hulpe, Belgium

4-00 pm
The Unity of the Church and Spiritual Ecumenism in the thought of St Thomas More

Address and Discussion led by Dr Kevin Eastell, Director of the Moreanum, Université Catholique de l'Ouest at Angers, and President of the Catholic League

General Discussion

6-15 pm

6-45 pm

8-00 pm
Bishop de Smedt and the Ecumenical Vocation of the Brugge Diocese

Father Kurt Priem, representing Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, welcomes the Conference to the diocese and explains its work for unity from Bishop De Smedt & Vatican II to the formal link with the Lincoln and Nottingham dioceses in England

8-30 pm
The Abbé Couturier in England and the Ecumenical Journey of Catholic Anglicans

Address and Discussion led by the Revd Prebendary Brooke Lunn, Editor, the Messenger of the Catholic League

Sunday 29 November

8-30 am
Community Mass
(Roman Catholic)

9-20 am

10-00 am
'Unexpected Points of Light' - Some thoughts on culture, humanity, Teilhard de Chardin, the meaning of the Week of Prayer and the future for spiritual ecumenism

Address and Discussion led by Fr Mark Woodruff, church musician and secretary of the Society for Ecumenical Studies

11-30 am
Ecumenical Liturgy

12-30 pm

2-00 pm
The Future of Spiritual Ecumenism

The new contexts set out by Archbiship Rowan Williams and Cardinal Walter Kasper, the hope for the Eucharist in Paul Couturier's Invisible Monastery, and the call to rediscover spiritual ecumenism: a round table discussion.

3-45 pm

Mark Woodruff and Kevin Eastell

4-00 pm
Close of Conference

Click here for details of the commemorative book about Paul Couturier containing the addresses and proceedings of this conference.